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Eye Health Care

Heron Eyecare eye examination room

Heron Eyecare Pre-test room

Dr Heron conducting an eye examination

Dr Heron conducting an eye examination

Heron Eyecare provide the highest quality eye health care. We provide comprehensive eye health assessments for all patients and also have expert interests in children’s vision, contact lenses and eye disease.

As part of our comprehensive care we recommend:

  • Patients over 40 years have an examination through dilated pupils so please bring a driver.
  • Patients at risk of retinal detachment have a peripheral retinal examination through dilated pupils.
  • Patients with diabetes have annual assessments with dilated pupils and retinal photography.
  • Glaucoma suspects including a family history have OCT, corneal thickness, intraocular pressures and visual fields annually.
  • Patients with macula degeneration have OCT assessment.
  • Keratoconus patients have corneal mapping and corneal thickness measurement.
  • Children be examined with dilated pupils for accurate vision and health assessment.

Common eye diseases like Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy can be sight threatening. Early detection and treatment is important for the best visual outcome.

We offer emergency eyecare including after hours service when required. Ocular emergencies include: foreign bodies, sudden eye pain or light sensitive eyes, eye infections and symptoms of flashes, ‘floaters’ or ‘cobwebs’.

Heron Eyecare use state of the art diagnostic technology to achieve the earliest detection of eye disease.

Heron Eyecare Staff

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