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Eye Health Technology

Computerised Perimetry for assessment of central and peripheral vision

Computerised Perimetry for central & peripheral vision assessment

Optovue instrument against screen-shot

OCT - 4th generation OCT and images

Diabetic retinopathy

Digital imaging of Diabetic retinopathy

Corneal mapping (topography) for optimal contact lens fitting

Corneal mapping software for optimal contact lens fitting

Nidek Integrated Refraction System

Heron Eyecare have one of most technologically advanced practices in Australia. Our state of the art equipment enables the best possible eye health care.

Computerised Perimetry (Visual Fields)

  • Computerised assessment of central and peripheral vision.
  • Essential for detection and assessment of glaucoma and neurological disease.

4th Generation Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT)

  • Fast non-invasive assessment of the front and back of the eye.
  • Resolution of 2um and speed of 26000 scans per second.
  • Digital imaging of the anterior chamber angle for glaucoma.
  • Corneal thickness (pachometry) of full cornea.
  • Digital 3D imaging of the macula and optic nerve.
  • Latest technology for the earliest detection of Glaucoma, Macula Degeneration and Diabetes.
  • Comparative normalized database and progression analysis.

Zeiss Visucam Digital Retinal Camera

  • Photography of the front and back of the eye.
  • Photographic documentation for industrial accidents of the front of the eye.
  • Screening and progression of diabetic retinopathy.
  • Photographic recording of ocular injury and disease.

Corneal Topography (Corneal Mapping)  

  • High resolution mapping of the curvature of the cornea.
  • Diagnosis of corneal disease including keratoconus.
  • Orthokeratology contact lens fitting.
  • Customised contact lenses fitting.

Eye Intense Pulsed Light Technology (IPL)

  • New breakthough dry eye treatment
  • As featured recently on Channel 9’s A Current Affair program.
  • See Dry Eye Management


  • Fast measurement of corneal thickness.
  • Important risk factor for glaucoma.

iTerminal 2

  • Accurate measurement to 0.1mm for dispensing of spectacle lenses.
  • Most accurate measurement for Freeform progressive spectacle lenses.
  • Combined with Zeiss premium lenses the best optical result possible.

Nidek Integrated Refraction System

  • Latest technology on the planet. See at right »
  • Fast accurate refraction system.

Nidek Patternless Tracer and Edger

  • Latest Lens Edging onsite allowing faster quality spectacle production.
  • Stock lens turnaround of 30 minutes available.

Zeiss Lens Technology

  • Quality Zeiss spectacle lenses using premium optics.
  • All progressive lenses use Freeform technology.
  • Freeform Technology allowing 50% wider field of view without distortion.
  • Freeform technology prescription wrap sunglasses.
  • Accurately dispensed by BOB (Relaxed Vision Terminal).
  • i.terminal lens dispensing technology (1.3MB PDF).
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